British Sausage Week: 3 Reasons To Love Andrew’s Sausages

British Sausage Week: 3 Reasons To Love Andrew’s Sausages
November 2, 2016 Team

Three Reasons To Love Andrew’s Sausages

The sausage is a British institution, and it’s no wonder why. Great value for money, delicious and easy to cook, they make a hearty addition to a variety of meals. A food staple for so many of our customers, we make all of our sausages on site using the best quality meat to make sure that the freshest and tastiest sausages possible reach your plate.


Traditionally Handmade

Our expert butchers make all of our sausages in the shop to a traditional recipe that Andrew’s father taught him when he was a boy. Meat is carefully prepared, weighed and mixed, before the sausage casings are filled and linked by hand. To watch it is mesmerizing and truly an artisanal skill that shouldn’t be lost, which is why sausage making is one of the first skills we make sure our apprentices master.


You Are What You Eat

Sausages are such an essential for so many of our customers; we really care about what goes into them. That’s why all of our pork sausages are made from prime cuts of outdoor-reared, high welfare pork, and are cased in natural skins. Our traditional recipe ensures the right balance between fat and lean pork meat ensuring that the sausage has enough flavour, yet isn’t bursting with fat as soon as it hits the pan. As a source of protein our quality sausages provide iron and B12, as well as a little fat that we all need for digestion in a balanced diet.


Versatile Variety

Our flavoured sausages make cooking a tasty and economical meal ridiculously easy. Our Garlic and Herb Toulouse Style sausage is fantastic in Pasta dishes for the kids, whilst the Hot Spanish is a nutritious and good-value alternative to Chorizo that can be added to rice or chicken dishes for an extra punch of flavour. Don’t forget we also have our spicy Gluten Free Lamb Merguez sausage available on weekends, and now we have hit the game season we are now back making our delicious Venison sausage that is perfect in hearty casseroles with mash potatoes.