Asparagus, Courgette, Smoked Streaky Bacon Tagliatelle

Asparagus, Courgette, Smoked Streaky Bacon Tagliatelle
April 27, 2016 Team

Asparagus, Courgette, Smoked Streaky Bacon Tagliatelle

(Serves 1)

Asparagus goes really well with any cured pork meats especially prosciutto ham and pancetta; I tend to think of it as a posh pea and ham combo… But smoked streaky bacon is something I always use as an alternative as it is packed with flavour, a lot cheaper, and easy to have put by in the freezer to thaw and chop up when you want it. This dish couldn’t be simpler and takes about ten minutes so is perfect for a quick lunch, or getting in late from work.

You will need:

3 rashers smoked bacon | handful of chopped asparagus (look for slimmer as opposed to thicker woody stalks) | ½ courgette finely sliced | fresh packet of tagliatelle (see packet for amounts) | Parmesan cheese | salt and pepper to season |

How to

-Par boil chopped asparagus for about 2 minutes to soften.
-In a pan fry chopped streaky bacon and the courgette.
-In the meanwhile remove asparagus from the water with a slotted spoon and add to the bacon and the courgette.
-Saving water and pans, add some fresh tagliatelle to the saucepan and simmer for 3 minutes.
-If your vegetables and bacon are burning or sticking add a splash of water and stir.
-Drain the pasta and add to the pan.
-Dish up, grate over some Parmesan, and eat immediately. The best fast comfort food after a long day!

Recipe by Lauren