The Full English

The Full English
May 5, 2016 Team

The Full English

Nothing beats the full English on a Sunday morning when using top quality meats from the butchers. It is quite simple to do once you get the hang of it; you just need to pay attention to the different components. Andrew’s son Ben shares his tips below.

How to:

-Heat the grill to 240C.
-Sausages take longer so place these on the grill and put in the oven while it is heating up.
-Keep an eye and turn over every two minutes.
-In the meanwhile, heat your baked beans on a low heat.
-Once sausages are golden brown, place in an ovenproof dish and leave in the bottom of oven.
-Out your bacon on the grill and turn after two minutes, and cook for another two minutes.
-Meanwhile cook your eggs. I half poach/half fry mine by breaking the eggs into a pan of shallow simmering water. This stops them from becoming too greasy.
-Placing the eggs on your plate and leaving in the oven for a minute you can gently cook your sliced black pudding*. Cook a couple of minutes on each side, until black.

*Here I use Irish black pudding that is slightly coarser than the Scottish Macsween pudding that we also sell.

Tips from Ben