Health Kick: Sausage and Vegetable Linguine

Health Kick: Sausage and Vegetable Linguine
September 26, 2016 Team

Sausage and Vegetable Linguine

(Serves 1, can be adjusted easily to 4-6)

This recipe is the definition, or at least my definition, of healthy comfort food. It is quick and easy to make, has no fancy ingredients, yet is packed full of vitamins for when you are feeling run down and need a boost.

When choosing vegetables I always go for the most vibrant in colour- call me crazy I just think they contain more vitamins. Here I have chosen red peppers which are packed full of Vitamins A, B6, C and folate. Vitamin C is not only a great antioxidant but aids the digestion of iron, which can be found in the broccoli… alongside a whole host of marvellous vitamins and minerals. Tomatoes are also rich in antioxidants.

Meanwhile well-made sausages, as a source of protein, provide iron and B12. Not forgetting that a little fat is good for digestion! It’s this balance between tasty and satisfying sausage meat and pasta, and vitamin-packed vegetables that makes this recipe such a great pick me up.

For 1 hungry person you will need:

2 good quality sausages- our garlic and herb Toulouse would be perfect | dried linguine for 1 | a mix of chopped red pepper, tomato, mushroom and 1 crushed garlic clove | a few broccoli florets | salt/pepper to season | a little parmesan or other hard cheese

How to

-First fry your sausages until they are just brown all over. Remove, slice down the middle and cut into bitesize pieces. It doesn’t matter if they are slightly raw inside. Keep to one side.
-Add your vegetable mix (save the broccoli) into the pan and stir. If the pan is really hot and it is clearly catching, add a good tablespoon of water and stir away.
-Meanwhile add your pasta to boiling, salted water, shortly followed by your broccoli florets (stem part first, bushy part above water).
-Add your sausage bites to the vegetable mix as it cooks away. Keep the heat hot, just slowly adding a small amount of water as it bubbles away. You don’t want a runny puddle, but rather just enough to make a light silky coating. You will see what I mean as it cooks away.
-When the pasta is al dente (normally between 7-10 minutes) drain and add straight to your sausages and other vegetables, stirring to coat the pasta in the sauce. Add a generous helping of parmesan shavings (for this I use a vegetable peeler) and give a quick stir before eating.

Recipe by Lauren