Father’s Day

Father’s Day
June 19, 2016 mg_andrews

Father’s Day

He works so hard, that we like to make a fuss of Andrew most Sundays, with Ben making an exquisite English Breakfast around 11am, and Mum or I popping his favourite, Roast Beef, in the oven once the Formula One racing has finished in the afternoon. If your parents are in town this weekend, or you’re new to the kitchen, here are a few of our tips for showing your Dad how much he means to you with a special Father’s Day meal.

The English Breakfast:
What could be a better way to show your appreciation than for your Dad to wake up to the glorious smell of bacon? With homemade Suffolk pork sausages, a range of delicious Suffolk bacon, both Scottish and Irish black puddings, and local Free Range eggs, putting a smile on your Dad’s face couldn’t be easier. Read Ben’s foolproof guide here.

The Money-Saving Showstopper: 
Being skint isn’t an excuse! You can still show off in the kitchen and create a delicious Roast Beef dinner if you’re savvy with your beef cuts. Beef Short Ribs (or what we call Jacob’s Ladder) is a little like the beef of Pulled Pork: packed full of flavour and falling apart after a day of slow cooking. Simply place in the oven in the morning (cover dish with foil) and leave to cook at 100C for 8 hours. It really couldn’t be easier.

Andrew’s Favourite: 
Andrew’s favourite, and I guess ours too, has to be the Forerib of Beef. Kept on the bone, the meat is deliciously tender and has a lovely distinct flavour. A piece for 4-6 people, approximately one rib, will take around 2 hours to cook, and is delicious served just rare. Although the meat is so tender that if your Dad prefers his meat well done, the beef isn’t going to dry out. If you’re unsure on how much to buy, just ask one of our butchers in store. Meanwhile take a look at my Roast Forerib of Beef recipe for help with timings and temperatures.

Tips from Lauren