Meats and Cheeses

Delicatessen Meats & Cheeses

It’s one of our philosophies that you shouldn’t leave with any more or less meat than you wanted; so keeping packets to the absolute minimum, we sell a wide range of cooked meats and salamis ready for slicing to the thickness and amount that you would like.

We also work closely with our cheese expert Ben to choose a delicious selection of local English and continental cheeses. From time to time Ben even pops in on a Friday to give tastings and explain how they are made, so keep your eyes peeled.  Browse the selection below for cheeses we regularly sell, but bear in mind from time to time we may replace a cheese if we find something that we prefer.

Patés Ben also helps us to source some of the very best traditional patés. All are sliced on demand to the amount you require, or can be sold whole, at a special price, for special occasions.
An Andrew’s Favourite
Cold-cut Meats
Cold-cut Meats We cook a large variety of meats ourselves including our Suffolk Gammon, Shoulder Ham, Roasted Beef, Turkey Breast. Complimenting these home cooked products are delicious continental salamis, Parma ham, Serrano Ham, and Pancetta, as well as English classics Corned Beef and Ox Tongue.
Top Tip: Worried about stinking out the fridge? We like to keep our cheeses in tin foil. This not only helps the smell but keeps them lovely and fresh too.

Hard Cheeses

English Black Bomber Cheddar
English Red Storm
English Barbers 1833 Cheddar
English Cheddar Chewton
Swiss Gruyere
Norwegian Jarlsberg
Spanish Manchego

Blue Cheeses

English Blue Stilton
German Montagnola
French Roquefort
Gorgonzola Dolce

Soft/Creamy Cheeses

English Brie Baron Bigod
French Brebirousse D’Argental
French Camembert Rustique
French Delice Des Cremiers

Cooking/Salads Cheeses

Greek Feta
Cypriot Haloumi
Italian Parmigianno Reggiano
Italian Mozzarella di Buffalo
French Buche Ruffec (Goat’s Cheese)
English Rosary Goat’s Cheese

Fruity Cheeses

English Wensleydale Cranberry

An Andrew’s Favourite

Spanish Manchego: A constant bestseller, this is Andrew’s all time favourite. This lovely Spanish ewes milk cheese is fully matured for a minimum 14 months in the La Mancha region of Spain. With a unique character and a rich golden colour, the firm and compact consistency gives a buttery texture and distinct nutty flavour. A must for every cheeseboard!