BBQ on a budget

BBQ on a budget
May 5, 2016 Team

BBQ on a budget

The sun can often go to our head when we’re barbecuing. It is so rare that we get to do it, that sensible saving seems to go out of the window, and it can be hard to figure amounts and costs per person. However, with a little insider know-how it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are Lauren’s tips to fantastic barbecues minus the price tag.

How to:

Chicken wings, Drumsticks and Ribs
My brother, cousins and I have practically grown up on these and without them, would not consider a barbecue to be a decent barbecue! The chicken wings and drumsticks come from our top quality Farm Fresh chickens and can be bought in BBQ sauce or plain. (BBQ sauce definitely recommended). The same can be said for our very meaty Pork ribs, which are fantastic in the same delicious Chinese marinade we have been using for years.
I would recommend 2-3 wings per person plus 1 pork rib person.

Whole Meat Joints
It is common sense that whole joints are more economical than individual portions that have been prepared, but we sometimes forget that they are great for the BBQ too. Shoulder of lamb and shoulder of pork are great options as they have more fat running through them to keep the meat lovely and moist. Just mention to our butcher that you want to BBQ the piece and would like it unrolled or deboned, to help cook it evenly. In the summer we also sell spatch-cocked chickens (cut down the breast bone to lay flat) that are also very economical.

The Pricier Pieces
Sometimes our hand made burgers and kebabs, and marinated steaks are just to inviting not to be bought! If we fancy something along this line we usually buy a small amount, along side something cheaper like chicken wings, and then just slice the steaks or burgers into smaller pieces for everyone to enjoy. This is perfect for large amounts when you want to impress with quality meats, but don’t have the budget to buy a marinated steak for everyone. I often find everyone wants to try a little of everything anyway so it really works well!

Tips from Lauren