A Gluten Free Christmas

A Gluten Free Christmas
November 30, 2017 Team

The Gluten Free Christmas

Gluten free diets are becoming a lot more popular and recognised in the UK, however, it can still be a little scary and confusing catering for gluten-free guests if you have no experience of it.

The best thing to know is that the majority of food groups are completely gluten free. Meat, vegetables, nuts, beans and dairy are all okay. Gluten is found in wheat, barley, rye and oats, and can cause serious damage to the stomach lining of those who are celiac or gluten intolerant.

When it comes to Christmas there are unfortunately a few trimmings and extras that aren’t naturally gluten free, but don’t fret! We’ve worked hard on sourcing some brilliant gluten free products that everyone will love so you don’t have to worry about creating two versions of everything.


English sausages are typically made with rusk, a wheat product used to bind the meat. At Andrew’s we also make special gluten-free pork sausages with gluten-free rice flour. They come in both original size and in sausage meat (perfect for Christmas stuffing). Although there is a very slight difference in texture, there is little difference in taste. Many customers will buy gluten free sausages for all their guests at Christmas to save worrying about mixing them up.


Gravy made in the traditional way, by thickening meat juices with wheat flour, won’t be gluten free. If you’ve found a lovely recipe for using your meat juices that contains flour, you can always cheat by using corn flour, which is usually gluten free (always check label). Just mix a teaspoon with a little water to make a paste, before adding and whisking into your gravy.

If  you rely upon gravy granules to make consistent fail-safe gravy when cooking your roasts, you should also be careful. Reading the small print shows that a lot of powder gravy contains wheat as a thickening agent. We recommend Bisto Best, which is in fact gluten free and comes in both chicken and beef flavour.


You can create some amazing gluten free desserts that all of your guests will love. This year at Andrew’s we are selling Cottage Delight’s yummy gluten free Christmas cake which you can ice and decorate to pass off as your own. There are also lots of recipes for gorgeous flour-free chocolate cake. Click here to find the recipe for our favourite gluten free Chocolate Roulade. Don’t forget meringue is also gluten free so a pavlova could be another great choice!

Bread Sauce and Stuffing: 

This year we’re really happy to have found some amazing gluten-free Bread Sauce and stuffings, so that no one has to miss out on the important trimmings! The stuffings are lovely and come in three gorgeous flavours: “Cranberry, Apple and Roast Chestnut”, “Parsley and Thyme” and “Wild Sage and Roast Onion”.