Kersey Beef at Andrew’s

Kersey Beef at Andrew’s
July 11, 2017 Team

Kersey Beef at Andrews

In June 2017 my son Ben and I were lucky enough to get a visit to local Kersey beef farmers Chris and Sarah Partridge to look at some cattle. We usually source our beef from a variety of high welfare farms in East Anglia, with the help of our beef expert Charlie, but this visit was particularly special. It was great to see for our own eyes the great work Chris and Sarah are doing on the farm and, with Charlie’s trained eye, we were able to pick out some of the beef that we sold over the summer.

Read on below why we were so excited to have stocked their beef. Note that any time you can ask our butchers the provenance of the current beef on sale.


You are what you eat:

If we are what we eat, we are what our food eats. At Kersey everything the cattle are fed on is natural and no growth promoters or antibiotics are used. For their first summer, the calves run out to grass with their mothers, living off milk and grass until the autumn. The cows then spend the winter indoors fed on a straw based diet, waiting the new calving season. The weaned calves feed over winter on a diet of home grown fodder, beet, grass silage and concentrate.

We love local produce:

There are many benefits of sourcing local produce. The first is the ability to go and see for our own eyes the high welfare (farm assured) standards to which all of the stock is raised on the Partridge’s family farm at Kersey. Even without a visit, you can see the cattle grazing the meadows and fields around the parish of Kersey. The farm is only 8 miles from our shop so we are keeping food miles to an absolute minimum, moreover, it is also a great feeling to buy from farmers working within the local community and economy.

Bred by Expert Farmers:

One of my mantras is that good meat should be bred by expert farmers, and cut by expert butchers. Chris and Sarah are certainly expert farmers, having produced an excellent quality of cattle from breeding a mix of superior breeds. The cows are Simmental and Angus cross while British Blue and Limousin bulls sire the calves. Meeting Chris and Sarah it is evident they put their heart and soul into nurturing and rearing cattle to the highest standards all year round.